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hei3: i already asked that twice: is that really the right kernel you want? hi Lavinho: hi how lol what is a "lol"? ubuntu ttyt ok. type "apt search ^^linux-image" thanks i did it k1l_, i get this error E: Unable to locate package ^^linux-image Reading package lists... Done Lavinho: this should be not needed. Lavinho: ok, what you did is installing a linux image manually. k1l_, i did it yesterday Lavinho: your old kernels are in the autoremove. that is why you got the messages. now you got to run a full system update now for my hp it's not working k1l_, i reboot it now So to summarize, no one uses the rt61pci driver? And no one knows a good and proven solution for my wifi problem? Hei3: no, you asked that about 10 times already now. so why keep asking? Hei3: you should mention to which ubuntu version you got problems with. because as i told you the rt61pci driver is the default one in the raring and saucy. so that is not the issue. I am fully aware of that. I did that a lot. Hei3: then explain in detail what is the issue exactly on the ubuntu versions you got issues on. And I also told you which version. When you



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Tone2 Gladiator 2 V2.5 Crack With License Key Free Download lyndchar

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