A beautiful cushion/pillow that can be made from a range of clothing. These can be made from a single item of adult clothing such as a shirt, jumper, cardigan or tshirt or can be made as a patchwork using baby clothing or a mix of adult clothing. 



These are available as 36" x  47.5" (92cm x 120cm) and as 45.5" x 85.5" (116cm x 217cm - Single bed sized). 


This is made from fleece squares that are all embroidered and backed with fleece. 


This is an Amon Us design but can be made with other designs on request. 



Embroidered Fleece Blanket

PriceFrom £30.00
  • Most fabrics are fine to use but please avoid very light fabrics like silk and chiffon or heavy fabrics like leather and chunky knitwear or anything with a very open weave. if in doubt please get in contact and send photographs.