Memory bears are made from loved ones clothes or material that is sentimental to you. Be it a baby's first baby-grow, a metre of fabric left over from a wedding dress, a leavers school jumper or cardigan, your lucky dance costume, a team's football strip or even a shirt or jumper of a special person that you have lost, your memory bear will be unique and something to cherish.


With a memory bear, your memories come to life and will last forever as a treasured keepsake. 



If you cannot find the design you want in my listings then get in contact with me to discuss what you would like and you may then checkout using this custom design listing. 


Custom Memory Keepsake

PriceFrom £40.00
  • The amount of material depends on the type of clothing you are sending:

      Baby clothing - a minimum of 6-8 items excluding small items like mitts, hats and socks. For items smaller than 3-6mths please send more items.

    Children's clothing - a minimum of 3 items

    School uniform - a jumper or cardigan, a tshirt/shirt, a pair of trousers, skirt or pinafore, and optional for girls a summer dress. At least one item of clothing should have a school logo on. PE kits can also be used or incorporated.

    Adult clothing - a minimum of one item equivalent to a men's medium sized shirt.

    All clothing should be clean and in good condition.

    More items allows for a patchwork effect and can make the item more interesting. You may indicate which items are priority  items and which are for smaller features. I endeavour to keep all the beautiful details from every item sent. Care is taken in deciding the placement of each item within the pattern and I unpick pockets, bows, buttons etc to reuse and add extra detailing to every keepsake.


    Any uncut clothing will be returned to you with your finished keepsake. If you would like the off cuts from the clothing returned this can also be arranged.

    * We know that the clothing items you send to us are irreplaceable and handle them with care -- our studio is smoke and pet free and we will let you know when we receive your items, by sending you a confirmation email.