10 things to do with your child's old baby clothes

Having a baby is a magical time with lots of new experiences

and a ton of new memories. Every day can feel like a whirlwind of activity and the days pass far too quickly as the newborn that you cradled in your arms starts to grow, crawling, walking, talking and starting to develop their own unique personalities. I know as my little one outgrew her baby clothes I found it especially difficult to know what to do with them as they all held such precious memories. So what can you do with old baby clothes? Don't fear - help is at hand, as I share with you my top 10 things to do with those baby clothes.

#1: Put them away

This is probably what most of us do. They outgrow the clothes so quickly we store them away in the loft, in boxes under the bed... in fact anywhere they can't be seen, to be dealt with at a later date when we have more time. I did this and that "more time" didn't happen for about 4 years! Time certainly flies when you have children.

#2: Have another baby?

I didn't do this as we decided to stop after #1 but this is a lovely way to recycle, cut down costs and great for comparing photos of siblings, in that special outfit. Now you have double the number of memories attached to that outfit. Too drastic?

#3: Pass them on

Another great way to recycle and another popular option, giving them to family and friends who are having a baby, donating to charity shops or selling them on through facebook marketplace or ebay.

#4: Throw them away!

Some outfits are just so well worn that there is no other alternative. We have all had those special outfits ruined by an exploding nappy or too much dribble or spit up that discolours the fabric. I found it so hard to do this.

#5: Use them as rags

This is a follow on to #4 for those clothes that you just can't give away and are too worn to hold on to. They make great rags for cleaning or when you are decorating. Its always worth stashing a carrier bag of old clothes somewhere for this reason.

#6: Create a memory box

This is a lovely way to hold on to special clothes and baby items. We have baby scan pics, hospital wrist bands, christening keepsakes, first book, chew toy, photos of her first year etc. But how many outfits can you fit in a memory box. We have 3 outfits in ours, the clothes from the pic above, her first baby grow and vest and her first Christmas dress and shoes. So cute!

#7:Memory bears and keepsakes

Memory bears and keepsakes are a great way to turn those clothes into a treasured memory. Prices range from £40 upwards so would suit any budget. When done well these can create a treasured keepsake, with a 8-12 outfits included. And its not just bears anymore. There are lions, kangaroos, penguins, ducks, cats, dogs, guinea pigs. The list can be endless. Check out my shop for more ideas.

#8: Sew your own keepsake

Since the country dropped in lockdown more and more people have had time to work on hobbies and learn new skills. Patterns are widely available for keepsake bears and other designs. I highly recommend Funky Friends Factory who have a wide range of design available for instant download and they also have photo tutorials to accompany most of the patterns to help create that special bear. I would suggest practicing on clothes your less bothered about to start with as you don't want to ruin those special clothes. I am happy to give support and tips to anyone choosing this option. Contact me on messenger or email me.

#9: Turn them into a cushion or quilted blanket

These can make a real feature of those memorable logos and cute designs that we love to see on our little ones.

Cushions will generally be 9 panels or 18 if you go for a double sided design. This one has a favourite baby blanket on the reverse. These are great for bigger designs on clothes that can be lost when cutting pattern pieces for bears and keepsake animals.

A quilted blanket can be as large as you want really, from cot sized which would be roughly 12-20 items of clothing up to single bed sized. These can cost more but have the added benefit of being so adorable!!!! and functional. They an help personalise a baby room or even be showcased in the living room where everyone can admire it!. Contact me to enquire about prices for these.

#10: Carboot?

Lets face it, its not just a load of baby clothes that are outgrown. There are toys, equipment, books, more toys, more clothes. Have a good clear out and take them to a car boot sale. I could never quite find the enthusiasm for a 6am start though. Can you?

Do you have any other ideas? Share them below.

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